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Ways to Improve and Prolong the Life of Your LED TV

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You have recently purchased a brand new LED Television with amazing HD perfect picture quality. This item must’ve cost you quite much and you certainly wouldn’t want to change it in a couple of years. Similar to all things, televisions age as well. Because of that, we are here to help you know some steps you can consider to help improve and lengthen the efficiency and lifespan of your LED TV: 

Clean your television well 

Utilize cloths and anti-static cleaners to clean your television since it will not fare well with static electricity. Do not soak your television in water or any type of liquid cleaners to clean. 

Say no to dust 

An excessive amount of dust in your area can cause a short circuit and lead to permanent damage to your LED TV. Because of this, it’s really important to guarantee that you position your television in a clean and dust-free space.  


A LED television can consume power, which leads to generating too much heat. This heat needs to be eliminated with the help of an effective and right ventilation system. Guarantee that your television can breathe. Also, you need to consider to select the ideal location before you install it. Too much heat can minimize the lifespan of your television easily. 

Have a voltage regulator  

Power surges and dips can possibly obstruct your LED TV experience to a great extent because the power caps could be harmed and damaged. So, it would be a nice option to install a voltage regulator because it safeguards your television from hazards such as power surges and lighting.  

The right contrast and brightness 

If you want to improve your TV’s lifespan, it’s important to adjust the brightness to a minimum level. High contrast and brightness levels will only make your television work harder than usual just to give an excellent experience and this usually cuts back its longevity.  

Even though you have bought your LED TV in the most trusted brand, this act of protection is still vital for your television to work for several years to come.  

Switch off the television if you don’t use it 

Though this appears to be common sense, several studies show that utilizing your television in moderation can really prolong its life. For example, when a TV will be switched on for 3 hours per day, it simply amounts to more than 1,000 hours every year. Ultimately, this can increase your electricity bill and the number of hours wasted. 

 As soon as you get your hands on a nice and brand new LED TV, you have to ensure that you will secure your investment. You can do the tips we have provided you earlier to guarantee that you’ll have world-class entertainment for the next years to come. Also, if you want some assistance when it comes to mounting your television, you can call us and avail of our TV mounting services VA for a professional installation. 

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