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What to Do If a Tree Is Struck by Lightning?

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Do you have a tree that has been struck by lightning? According to studies, around 9 million lightning strikes happen every single day. Though almost all of them happen in rural places, others happen in residential areas. However, it can cause serious damage when lightning strikes a tree.  

Thus, if your tree is struck by lightning, what should you do? Should you ignore it? Should you call a reasonable tree service company? 

Check for Damage 

The first thing you should do is to check for damage. Obviously, lightning is a strong natural force that can damage hard objects. This includes trees.  

The lightning’s temperature is around 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, it immediately converts any moisture inside a tree into steam. This leads to an internal explosion. 

A couple of trees will die right away after being hit by lightning. On the other hand, some might survive.  

That’s why you have to check the tree for damage while keeping a safe distance. You should look for where the lightning strike happened and the extent of the damage.  

You will probably have to get rid of the tree if the lightning strike happened at the trunk’s base, leading to a huge split through the middle. Meanwhile, you will be able to restore the tree if the lightning strike happened on 1 or 2 branches.  

Getting Rid of a Tree 

You have to get rid of the tree from your lawn if the damage is severe. Allowing dying or dead trees to go neglected generates a safety threat for you and everyone else around the property. The integrity of the tree will become compromised as it starts to rot from the inside. It might fall over even if it looks structurally safe.  

You can guarantee that the tree will not fall over if you get rid of the tree. You might also be able to harvest the tree for firewood at the same time. 

There are a lot of ways to cut down a tree. However, it will require a lot of tools. If you do not have the experience or tools needed to safely cut down a tree, you should hire a professional tree service company for help. 

Restoring a Tree 

You’ve got to water a tree if you want to restore it after getting hit by lightning. As we have mentioned above, lightning strikes convert moisture inside the tree into steam. The steam inside the tree will create a strong pressure. This will often result in a huge explosion.  

You might be able to restore the tree if the tree only suffered small damage from the lightning hit. However, you will have to provide it a lot of water. 

Aside from watering the tree, you also have to think about cutting down any damaged branches. Getting rid of the damaged branches will not harm or kill the tree as long as the trunk is left intact. If the branches are too high for you to reach, hire a professional arborist.  

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