Tips to Have a Green Lawn

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If you want to have the healthiest and lushest grass on your within your neighborhood, you need to know the following tips about keeping up a weed-free and healthy lawn. Regardless if you’re taking care and maintaining your current lawn or you’re sowing new grass from seed, the following are simple tips you can do to make sure that you’ll only have the greatest outcomes.  

Never dethatch too frequently 

Dethatching, which is also known as vertimowing, encompasses the utilization of a device that resembles a powered rotary rake that can cut open the stems of the matted dead grass underneath the green development. Dethatching can also damage the roots, which only cause stress to the grass, and must only be performed if beyond 6mm of thatch has collected.  

You should work according to the season 

The fallen leaves must be raked up during the autumn season. Otherwise, they can only cause your new sprouts to be suffocated during springtime, leaving dead spots. You also need to aerate before you apply fertilizers during autumn if you have clay soil or heavy loam. Just before wintertime, your lawn needs to be mowed back to nearly 40-50mm high to aid in preventing the development of mold.  

Refrain from over-fertilizing 

Over-fertilizing your plants or lawn won’t be of help in terms of improving its impact. Increasing the number of fertilizer can either make your lawn into yellow, which might take weeks to heal or immediately kill your lawn.  

Refrain from catching the clippings 

You need to leave the grass clippings on the lawn since they can help to elicit and produce nutrients back into the soil, which minimizes the requirement for fertilizer by over 25. Rather than leaving them in thick layers, it would be best to spread them thinly to prevent suffocating the grass.  

Read all of the instructions 

Even if you are adjusting the spreader setting or you are diluting concentrate for grass seed, you have to adhere to the recommendations stated on its packaging. Moreover, it’s really essential to take note of the details like the best temperature range or to prevent utilizing a product when rain is upcoming.  

Carefully apply the seed 

To stop having an overpopulated lawn with a lot of plants that compete for sunlight and nutrients, you need to be careful as you distribute your grass seeds. The recommended and precise concentration for a particular plant can be found on the grass seed’s pack. Although it’s commonly nearly 40g per square meter. You need to water your new seed lightly for at least 2 times per day. During windy and hot weather, your soil needs to be damped more and keep on watering it for at least 2 weeks.  

These are only some of the important lawn tips you need to consider. Should you have any concerns or inquiries when it comes to Levittown lawn maintenance services, feel free to keep in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you. 

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